History of Mikkira

  It had been over 270 years since the fall of the great city of Myrkir but it still lingered in the stories passed down through the generations. Some of those who escaped the destruction had made it to the ancient fort of Valguard, an abandoned outpost of the old kingdom, far past the outskirts of civilization. It was here, in the outlying countryside that these survivors settled down to restart their lives, and hopefully avoid the turmoil between the great houses. A decade after the fall of Myrkir, the savior of the city, Sigurd Einar is named Duke of the region by the king and the people around Valguard immediatly threw their support behind him. In rememberance to the old city and in honor of the new Duchy of Myrkir, the people decided to name their region Mikkira County, an honored spin on the now battlecry of "Myrkir".  

  At this time there was a young woman who lived in the glen outside of the ancient fort. She was simply known as Talia of the shire, a member of a family who had lived in that area for generations, who had helped the survivors of Myrkir when they first arrived. Due to this and the family's constant help and leadership over the years, Talia was named the defacto leader of this new little county and asked to travel to meet their Duke and swear allegience to him on their behalf. The young woman did not understand the workings of politics nor did she care, but she knew that this was needed in order to secure the protection of the people that now relied upon her leadership.  

  During her travels to meet the Duke Sigurd Einar, a man she had never met but heard countless stories of his bravery, she was distracted by the sights she saw. Years of destruction and war blotted the countryside and concern for family and friends back at home began to creep into her mind. She had heard the horrors as a child from those who had escaped Myrkir but to see it now with her own eyes sent chills through her. Armored man and horse marched by in the hundreds, heading towards some unknown battlefield, and Talia knew that if those men came to her doorstep, there was nothing she could do to protect her people.  

  The young leader of Mikkira County met with her Duke, went through the motions, swore her allegience, but didn't linger, quickly wanted to return to her people. It was apparant that the new Duke was also distracted, his thoughts focused on the King's campaign to regain its lost territories. Due to this, there was a mix up in process of granting the title of Count and family names, and Talia's nickname ended up becoming her family name, and from that day forward, the name Shire was used by every Count that followed her.  

  During her travels back home, observing more armored horsemen of the kingdom, an idea began to grow within the young leader's mind. Talia did not know horses well nor the tactics used by these military units, but there were herds of trisons roaming the countryside around her home and these animals she knew well. She persuaded a smith that specialized in armored barding to follow her back to her home to help her with a way to defend her people. And so began Mikkira County's creation of a heavy cavalry unit in the war trison, to be used in the defense of its people and the kingdom for the next 250 years.