Welcome to Mikkira County - Duchy of Aetheria - Kingdom of Riftwood

Mikkira County is comprised of people who have come together over the years through gaming to become both friends and family. The group has a healthy blend of easy-going miners/crafters/breeders and the more aggressive PVP warrior types. The county itself is a double county that will have a military mindset geared towards the breeding of primarily War Trisons, as well as training knights and outfitting heavy cavalry units for the kingdom. Farming and Crafting will be centered around supplying the county in this endeavor as well as creating much needed trading commodities. Sangeob County will be a third sister county located on our border and will be focusing primarily on trade with the rest of the kingdom.

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Chronicles of Elyria

Kingdom History

History of Mikkira County

 It had been over 270 years since the fall of the great city of Myrkir but it still lingered in the stories passed down through the generations. Some of those who escaped the destruction had made it to the ancient fort of Valguard, an abandoned outpost of the old kingdom, far past the outskirts of civilization. It was here, in the outlying countryside that these survivors settled down to restart their lives, and hopefully avoid the turmoil between the great houses...

Towns of Mikkira County


The county seat, Valguard is a fortified town acting as both the main trade hub for the county and it's main line of defense in times of war. This stronghold is presided over by Count Mikhal Shire and his Countess Kira Shire.


A farming/agriculture town and trading post acting as a secondary county seat for the other half of Mikkira, Sergetton is a natural rest stop for merchants traveling between to and from the neighboring counties. Magistrate Kana Amannodel  is the leader of this town.


Ironcrest is a mining and crafting settlement nestled at the foot of the mountains and it's skilled workers provide Mikkira County with the finest building materials and weaponry that can be found. Magistrate Anna Carwin presides over this town.


Run by Baron Lafe, this military outpost is the front door to Mikkira County. As a bastion against the outer realms,  Amythidica is the first line of defense to all outside threats to the county and to the kingdom of Riftwood.


A town focused on mining and masonry,  Steinhaupt is overseen by Magistrate Karah and boasts some of the best engineers and stone masons in the county. Blacksmiths find excellent work opportunities there as well due to the massive need for tools and equpiment.


The defensive town of Neoma is run by Baroness Kamaria Máni'Vidar and acts as both a protective border for Valguard as well as a trade partner and secondary breeding area of animals for the county.

Citizens of Mikkira County

Kingdom of Riftwood


King Aerbax


Count Mikhal Shire - Valguard

Count Consort Kira Shire - Valguard


Magistrate Kana Amannodel - Sergetton

Magistrate Anna Carwin - Ironcrest

Magistrate Briar Strum -  Steinhaupt 

Magistrate Forfax

Baron Lafe - Amythidica

Baron Ralf Randehk -  Hárborg

Baroness  Kamaria Máni'Vidar - Neoma 

Mayor Jack


Jaku Fujimoto - Sergetton

Luna Shire - Valguard



James Napps

Kimmy Napps



Player / Character Expectations

Below is a link to a living document that future residents of Mikkira County can use to list what they desire their main/secondary characters will be doing in game, as well as any titles they may hold at the start of the realm. Please contact any of the leadership on the Mikkira County discord channel to be added to this list or if there are any changes you want made.

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